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The Farm

We are spread over approximately 100 hectares, located in San Casciano in Val di Pesa, on the
Tuscan hills in the province of Florence. The farm was founded in 1978 by a group of young
enthusiasts who took over and settled on these uncultivated lands, with the aim of renewing and
maintaining the Tuscan countryside. We have been organic certified since 1989, the only way it
makes farming sustainable for the soil and the entire ecosystem.
We are a multifunctional farm with an holistic approach. Most farms, even organic ones, concentrate
their efforts on a single production. However we differentiate our endeavors between cereals, legumes,
vineyards, cannabis, bees, pigs and cows.
The work begun in the seventies is today carried forward with passion and determination by a new
generation: Dario, Alessandro, Martina, Lauro, Silvio, Chiara and Matteo, coordinated by the oldest
of us, Marco.

We are a close-knit group with the desire to continue to enhance our lands. Each
dealing with a different sector but with a strong spirit of collaboration that distinguishes us.
Our lands, is composed by:
- 7 hectares of vineyards from which we produce our natural wines,
- 40 hectares of open fields used for both cows and to grow ancient grains, from which we obtain
our flours for pasta and bread, spelt, legumes such as chickpeas and
- 1 hectare of olive trees
- Around 45 hectars of forest
Beside the agricultural works, we have a cute and peaceful guesthouse where to stay for a holiday
or just enjoy the restaurant for a meal and a wine tasting.