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Natural Wines

We made the first natural wine in 2012. Since then our aim has been to create a product that is the
maximum expression of the grape, intervening as little as possible both in the vineyard and in
fermentation. Making it natural is not an excuse to have any wild smell and taste. To make clean wines,
easy to drink and easy to enjoy is our goal. The strong and fresh acidity is another important feature of our

In the vineyard we work with green manure and low copper doses. We carry out biodynamic treatments to
increase the living substance of the soil, in order to create the conditions for the plant to be able to defend
itself. Our vineyards are immersed in the biodiversity of trees, wild plants and flowers. Also a numerous
micro and macro fauna join our vineyards every night, contributing to a vital and balanced environment.

We have many wines available: from the classical reds like Chianti. Chianti Riserva, Abemus, Lea and
Sangiopanza to the red in amphora Tutto Anfora Rosso. From a sangiovese in white aged in amphora Tutto
Anfora Rosa, to a refermented in bottle, Jun. Also we have few white grapes with which we make a short
skin contact wine, Ellero bianco and a long skin contact in amphora, the Tutto anfora Bianco.